The Culture of Disney's ENCANTO



Let's start with The Style.

Because Colombia is a very multicultural country, it took Disney several years to hone in on the overall visual style that Encanto would have.

The movie's co-directors, composer and producers made several scouting trips to Colombia, visiting various cities, local families and landscapes, such as Cocora Valley, in order to gain inspiration for the film's design.

Some of the visual that was recreated included floral balconiesthat are widely popular in cities like Cartagena.

We also see bougainvilleas, which are very colorful ornament vines that are common on many Colombia homes.

And of course, the architecture in Encanto is very clearly Colombian.

These colonial-style homes that include balconies that are filled with flowers are iconic to the region.

When it comes to the characters in Encantospecifically, the Madrigal Familythey were designed with several different types of skin tones to reflect the overall makeup of Colombia as a whole.

Colombia has a large population that is made up of many different indigenous groups, as well as those of European, African and mixed descent.

And you can see this reflected with the character of the family. And you'll also notice the level of details, put into very specific types of Colombian clothing from the very specific areas, such as the traditional sombrero vueltiao hat.