Why your life is so boring?


回看过往,生活总是不那么精彩,起床、工作学习、消遣、睡觉……两点一线、日复一日几乎是生活的全部。那生活的意义是什么呢?这支获赞30多万的视频中,博主Better Ideas认为希望就存在于生活中的每时每刻。每天做几个微不足道的小事,表面上看依然是过着无聊的重复生活,但其实待下次回顾时,你就会发现人生已经大不一样。

When we think about our life, we usually think about it in a form of a story.

First we were born and then we did some things and made some memories and now we're here and we work at our job or whatever.

But in the future we plan on doing more things, seeing the world maybe and saving up enough money for a enjoyable retirement.

We all tend to view our lives in a sort of narrative structure like this,

with the beginning, a middle and an eventual end.

Which kinda makes sense because by reflecting on the past, it helps us make sense of where we are now and by having hopes and dreams for the future, it gives us something to look forward to, something to plan towards and if we currently don't like our present situation, we can place our pains and frustrations on the hope of a better tomorrow.

But if you think about what it feels like to actually live life, like what it feels like on a day to day basis, it feels completely different.

We kinda just wake up, we feel kinda groggy, we stumble downstairs, get the coffee, hop in the shower, you get dressed before getting in the car to get that bread.

And after you get that bread, you get more bread at McDonald's because you have an addiction and then you come home, usually pretty tired and you veg out and watch Netflix or whatever you do until you go to bed.

This is what living life usually feels like to most people most of the time.