Fall Soup - 3 Delicious Ways



Nothing beats the cold like a big bowl of homemade soup.

Today, I'm going to show you three of my very favorite recipes, and they're all totally vegetarian.

I'm gonna show you a delicious creamy tomato soup, a nice spiced carrot and ginger soup, and finally, a leek and potato soup that is extra hearty.

I love them because they're all super simple to put together.

Let's get started with our creamy tomato soup.

Now, for this recipe, I'm actually using fresh tomatoes.

You don't have to. You can totally use canned whole tomatoes,

those will work just as well. But since I came across these beautiful, fresh Roma tomatoes,

I decided I had to put them to good use. So I'm going to throw them into our soup today.

Not to worry about any chunks in any of these soups, they're all gonna be pureed either with an immersion blender or by your regular blender. So you don't have to sweat it.