Team USA v. Team UK - Dodgeball w/ Michelle Obama, Harry Styles & More



U. S. A. Ready?


U. K. Ready?


And they're off, McCarthy dives on the ball, Harry Styles looking for his first target.

Oh, and Cumberbatch with a Cumber-catch.

Winds up. This is wide, no hit, Sherlock.

And down goes Big Ben.

Obama dodges that ball like it is saturated fat.

Oh, picks off Corden.

Jaynney takes one in the leg.

Waithe for the blockage.

Oh, direct hit, Reggie Watts goes down hard.

Oh, he's really milking this one, folks.

Harry Styles so low, all over again.

Obama winds up and right in the one deem.

And that's the shot heard round the world.

The revolution begins with Team U. S. A. taking Game One.

You know he's gonna feel that in the morning.

Team U. S. A. riding high.

Let's see how the British are going to regroup.

You know, it really is, it is a really good game.

It is a smashing game.

I thought it was - dough ball, I thought we were throwing dough.

Oh Benedict, you haven't got a tea. Can I get you a tea, Darling?

I would love one, I'm parched.

Time for Game Two where the U. K. will try to even things up with Team U. S. A.

Here we go. Team U. K. on those balls like jam on crumpets.

Corden looking for revenge, but even that ball knows not to mess with the First Lady.

Harry winds up and nails McCarthy.

Nailed by Styles.

Dreams do come true.


Michelle takes a shot but it's gone and just like that she is out of office.

Here is Jayneie taunting the British players.

And a direct hit by Watts.

An absolute flop for the U. K down goes Hudson.

Hits Watts in the leg and another one, they're really pilling on the hurt.

Americans do not like a traitor.

Lena Waithe aims for Corden and he's out, no, wait, an amazing save, down goes Kunis and they take Game Two, even at score two gave a piece.

Captain Corden and his team really savoring this one with John Bradley celebrating like they just killed the Night King.

Look how childish they are.

Team U. S. A. has to master something up for Game Three.

I want to do this.

I'm going to do this.

I'm so proud of you.

I just want to make you proud.

I have never done this before so would you mind.

Oh, sure.

I would be honored.

You probably want me to autograph this one.

Are you too embarrassed to ask?

Not really.

Thank you.

You are so amazing.

I'm happy to do it.

Oh of course.

Traitors, absolutely traitors, the lot of you.

It all comes down to a third and final game.

Will Team U. K. keep calm and carry on or will Team U. S. A. redeclare its independence.

We're about to find out.

Off to the eye quick start, Watt immediately takes out MaCarthy.

Cumberbatch with a direct hit.

He's looking guilty about that one.

You can probably expect a visit from the secret service later.

Styles nails Kunist and she is in absolute shock.

Reggie Watts appears to be feeling the effects of his pregame gummies.

Janney nearly misses Harry's head, and Hudson goes in for the kill.

John Bradley takes one to the back and now his watch has ended.

Corden nails Hudson but Jaynney gets revenge and he is very upset, Corden not taking that gracefully.

Cumberbatch the last one staying for Team U. K. It is a two on one.

Oh, there it is.

The final shot.

Raise the flag, release the bald Eagle. Team U. S. A. is your dodgeball champion!

Ultimately the superior athleticism of Michelle Obama's Team U. S. A. prove too much to handle for the pasty Brits.

How does it feel to lose.

And just like that the team from the U. K. brexit their chance at glory.

And there you have it.

One team entering the amals of sports history and another to be forgotten forever.

History repeating as the U. S. A. declears victory over the U. K.

At the end of the day we showed the kids that exercise can be fun, that is the big thing, honestly, I can't even remember who won or lost.

Oh no, no, you lost, we won.

Honestly, I have no idea if that is even true.

Oh, it's true.

Nobody knows.

Yeah, we know, you lost.

We won. It's Okay.