China's Mid-Autumn Festival Origins - Chang'e & Houyi


It's Mid-Autumn Festival time China's second largest traditional holiday.

People travel back home to be with their family, eat moon-cakes and just have a good time.

The festival is intrinsically linked the folk tale of Houyi and the moon goddess Chang'e, every Chinese person knows the legend.

The only problem though, everybody tells it differently.

Strap yourselves in, this one is about to get complicated.

There are like 20 different legends regarding Chang'e and Houyi, we going to focus on 2, let's call them the warrior story and the love story.

The warrior story is supposedly set around 2356 BC. Houyi was a skilled archer and a member of King Yao's Imperial guard.

One Day 9 ravens inexplicably turned into suns scorching the earth, drying crops and just generally making life uncomfortable for people.

The emperor commanded Hou Yi to shoot down the fake suns with his magic bow and arrows.

The Queen Mother of the West, who was on mount KunLun was so impressed with this feat that she commanded him to build her a Jade Palace in return for a reward.