Address by Price at Duke University Commencement 2021


美国的毕业季除了花式的毕业照之外,最大的亮点估计就是各路名人大咖的毕业演讲 (commencement speech) 了, commencement有“新开始”之意,这也是毕业演讲的意义所在。毕业典礼是毕业生们期待已久的职业生涯的开始,从此刻开始,带着新的目标和希望重新出发。

Good morning, or as our very own commencement speaker saying in the opening lines of his 2008 Evolver, good morning.

Forgive me, John.

Forgive me, all.

We are here together on this beautiful morning to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of the undergraduate Class of 2021.

And you know, I have a special bond with your class, as weyou as new first-year students and I as a new presidentarrived here at Duke together, four years ago.

Soso let me to be the very first to saycongratulations!

And to your families and friends, thank you and welcome; to our honorary degree recipients and special guests, welcome to Duke's 168th annualwell, almost annualCommencement Exercises.

Now, toto our graduatesI suspect for you and your family and friends as wellyou will remember this morning, the morning of your 1348th day as Duke students, for the rest of your lives.

And it's already been a busy day.

Google tells me that at approximately 6:21 and 28 seconds, the sun rose somewhere over East Union, just as it did that day that you arrived on East Campus for move-in four years ago.