The Workplace Stress Solution


从“996”到“打工人”,互联网的梗像潮水一样退了再来。打工人,就是一个依旧努力与生活做斗争,并能够乐在其中的人群。 献上几个小方法,让你轻松应对工作中的压力状况。

Stress isn't a decision but how you deal with it certainly is.

Today we're gonna show you how you can be a master of a stressful situation at work with one effective exercise.

According to a poll conducted by CareerBuilder, 50 percent workers reported that they feel a great deal of stress on the job.

But what causes workplace stress?

Are you getting stuck with too much work piling up on your desk?

Do you need to have it all done in five minutes?

Maybe you're getting criticized constantly, never praised.

You know it also happens when your job's too easy and you just simply not challenged or inspired.

Stress comes from all sides.

A stressful work environment can have a significant impact on your health.