Ariana Grande - the boy is mine (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)


A妹在肥伦秀上首次表演了这首火爆新单《the boy is mine》。故事讲述的是新上任的市长一心想治理好城市久拖未决的鼠患,A妹在其中化身“猫女”,两人之间的感情纠葛。这首现场表演中,A妹也沿用了迷人的猫女形象。

Performing "The Boy is Mine" from her No.1 album, "Eternal Sunshine,"

once again, Ariana Grande!

How can it be you and me

Might be meant to be

Can't unsee it

But I don't wanna cause no scene

I'm usually so unproblematic

So independent

Tell me why

'Cause the boy is mi-ine