The Queen's Christmas Broadcast 2017


Sixty years ago today, a young woman spoke about the speed of technological change as she presented the first television broadcast of its kind.

She described the moment as a landmark:

" Television has made it possible for many of you to see me in your homes on Christmas Day.

My own family often gather round to watch television as they are at this moment, and that is how I imagine you now" .

Six decades on, the presenter has 'evolved' somewhat, as has the technology she described.

Back then, who could have imagined that people would one day be watching this on laptops and mobile phonesas some of you are today.

But I'm also struck by something that hasn't changed.

That, whatever the technology, many of you will be watching this at home.

We think of our homes as places of warmth, familiarity and love; of shared stories and memories, which is perhaps why at this time of year so many return to where they grew up.

There is a timeless simplicity to the pull of home.